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About Us: Who Runs the Union?

Who really runs the Union?

The members. Unions are democratic organizations formed by workers for workers.

If workers really run the Union, why does the union have officers?

As in any organization, certain responsibilities must be met. A Local Union, as well as the International Union, elects officers to meet these responsibilities imposed by the members, such as presiding over meetings, reviewing expenditures, taking meeting minutes, and overseeing the operation of the union.

What are the typical officers in a Local Union?

The typical officers in a local union are the President, Business Manager/Financial Secretary, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and an Executive Board consisting of three to seven members.

How are Officers chosen?

All union officers are elected by the members. The Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959, the federal law that defines the operation of unions, explicitly states that all local union and international officers must be elected by the members at regular intervals. The IBEW International Union, through a membership vote, elects its officers every five years at its International Convention. Local Unions elect their officers on terms decided by the membership. Most Local Unions elect their officers by secret ballot every three years.

Can any member run for office?

Any member of good standing for two years (not delinquent on dues) can be nominated and elected to Local Union office. Any member of good standing for five years is eligible for International Office. Members are nominated at local union meetings in accordance with the procedures determined by the members in their local union by-laws.

Who runs the Union? You do!

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