IBEW Local 45
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Union Dues: Base & Working Dues

NOTICE: UNION DUES PER CAPITA INCREASE OF $1.00 Effective January 1, 2016


Effective January 1, 2016 - BASE DUES are $19.00 per month for "BA" Members and Agency Fee Payers & $35.00 per month for "A" Members.


Working Dues are 1.25% of base earnings (or required minimum union dues). However, your Working Dues will change anytime there is an increase in your base earnings.

To Find Out How to Calculate Your Union Dues, Use our convenient online module: Go to"MEMBER RESOURCES", click "PAY DUES" then click "CALCULATE MY DUES" - Follow the instructions for determining your monthly union dues as a staff or freelance employee.

If you still have questions about how your union dues are calculated, feel free to contact the Local 45 office at 323-851-5515 or 800-332-2983. We will be happy to assist you!