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Union Dues: Honorary Withdrawal


If you will not be working in Local 45's jurisdiction for 2 or more months and your union dues are current, you should request an Honorary Withdrawal. Honorary Withdrawal requests must be submitted in writing. You may use our Honorary Withdrawal Form to initiate your request for and/or return from Honorary Withdrawal. Requests can also be submitted by email to info@ibew45.org. Once your Honorary Withdrawal request has been granted, you will not be liable for any monthly union dues until you are hired for work in Local 45's jurisdiction. Confirmation of your request will be sent to you within 30 days. Honorary Withdrawal status protects your IBEW membership, therefore you are not required to rejoin or re-submit initiation fees if and when you resume employment in Local 45 jurisdiction.


You must notify Local 45 when you are hired and reactivate your membership by remitting union dues for the month you returned to work. The minimum amount required for Returning from Honorary Withdrawal (membership reactivation) is $41.00. However, this amount could be higher if your earnings were greater than $1,600.00.

EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2020: The minimum amount required for Returning from Honorary Withdrawal will be $41.00

Upon completion of your work in IBEW 45 jurisdiction, you may resume Honorary Withdrawal status by submitting another written request to Local 45.

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